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The 12 Days of EdTech #12daysofedtech


Each year, Nick and I (Guise) take some time to reflect on the past year's practice. We do this for multiple reasons. The first reason Is to make sure that the content is meeting the needs of teachers and the second reason is to help us devise a plan for the following year.  This year we decided to make a YouTube video series to answer some of the questions that we received during the last couple months of 2021.  We are calling this the #12daysofedtech, which we hope will continue to support teachers throughout 2022 and beyond!  These 12 videos were made to help provide solutions for some of the common problems that teachers are finding within the realm of education.  

Check Out Our YouTube Playlist HERE

Day #1:  5 Ways to Make Canva Images Pop

In this video, Nick shares 5 tips, tricks, and tools that he uses when making images with Canva.  If you are an educator, make sure that you visit Canva for Education and claim your free subscription for you and your students!

Day #2:  Making an Interactive Leaderboard

In this video, Guise walks you through the Flippity Interactive Leaderboard template.  Using the template, you can make an awesome-looking interactive leaderboard that updates live and is easily embedded into your website or displayed as a stand-alone webpage!

Day #3:  4 Tips for Better Screencasting 

In video 3, Nick talks about his 5 favorite tips and tricks to use while making engaging screencasts!  These tips are demonstrated using screencastify, but are easily applicable to other screencasting tools!

Day #4:  5 #Edtech Tools to Promote Teacher Creativity

In Day #4, we will dive into 5 #edtech tools that promote teacher creativity in the classroom.  These edtech tools cover organization, design, personalized learning, saving money, and free google slides and PowerPoint templates!

Day #5: extended #edtech mini-subscriptions

This video introduces an edtech website that allows you to buy mini-subscriptions of some of your favorite edtech tools.  The goal of this site is to allow teachers to have more time to try the edtech tool to better understand the tool’s functionality.  These tools have been vetted by edtech coaches and will help your students stay engaged in your lessons!

Day #6:  5 Productivity Chrome Browser Tricks

In this video, Guise identifies some of his favorite productivity hacks within the Chrome browser.  This video includes ways to organize tabs, organize folders, daily routine hacks, and creative ways to search within Chrome!

Day #7:  Top Websites for Fonts and Icons 

In this video, Nick shares some of his favorite resources for getting fonts and making icons!

Day #8:  6 Websites for Free video, audio, and images

In video 8, Guise shares his favorite sites to get images, photos, audio, and video for your students to use when creating projects in your class!

Day #9:  4 Project Ideas to Help Students to be Content Creators 

In this video, Nick shares 4 edtech tools that your students can use while making projects in your classroom.  These tools include ways to make audio files, video files, infographics, and e-books!

Day #10:  5 Blended Learning Websites

In this video, Guise dives into 5 websites that support the Blended Learning Classroom!

Day #11:  3 Student Video Projects

In this video, Nick talks about some of his favorite video-based projects that he assigns in his classroom as well as the edtech tools that he uses to support each project!

Day #12: 5 Gamification Websites  

In the last video of the series, Guise talks about his 5 favorite gamification platforms that he often uses in his classroom!

About the author, Eric

Eric Guise is a media specialist and technology coach with more than a decade of experience as a teacher.

Eric was named the 2016 Biology Teacher of Year by the New Jersey Biology Teachers Association and is currently pursuing an EdD in Leadership in Digital Transformation in Educational Technology.

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