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Essential EdTech for Your Outdoor Classroom

By Nick Johnson | 10/08/2019

In this blog we discuss: Outdoor Classrooms: What are they and why should you have one? EdTech for Your Outdoor Classroom – my favorite apps and extensions Lesson ideas that infused EdTech with your Outdoor Classroom If you are new to GotTechED, we would love to hear from you.  Please visit our Contact Page and…

Google Meet

3 Extensions That Will Take Your Google Meet to the Next Level

By Eric Guise | 03/31/2020

Is your school promoting Google Meet as a remote learning tool during the COVID-19 pandemic break? Are there some features that you wish Google Meet had to meet your Remote Learning needs?

Free Digital Lesson Plan

Free Digital Lesson Plan Template

By Eric Guise | 01/27/2020

Save time with this digital lesson plan template (Google Slides).

Freebie: Choose Your Own Adventure Template

By Eric Guise | 12/06/2019

With this Choose Your Own Adventure template, you can use Google Slides to create a highly personalized formative assessment experience for your students.

Freebie 3x5 Index Card Template

Freebie: Customizable and Printable 3×5 Index Card Template

By Eric Guise | 11/29/2019

Are your students getting ready to give a presentation in your class?  Help them prepare by giving them this customizable and printable 3×5 index card template.

GotTechED Freebie Template Ideas

Freebie: Digital Review Game Template

By Eric Guise | 11/27/2019

Have you ever wondered how people make the fancy jeopardy games in PowerPoint? The answer is by creating tedious amounts of slides with a crazy amount of links. Get yout FREE Digital Review Game Template here!

Free Choice Board Template

By Eric Guise | 11/21/2019

In education, we teachers, typically have two different grading methods.  The first method is assigning every project a percentage from 0-100.  The second method is evaluating students on a standard or competency using a 3-category scale with 1=not proficient, 2= proficient, and 3= advanced proficient. No matter which grading type you use, it is important…

Creativity Edtech Tools

4 Creativity Chrome Extensions For the Student-Centered Classroom

By Eric Guise | 10/27/2019

Creativity is the driving force of the student-centered classroom.  Finding ways for students to take control of their own learning promotes quality work and leads to student ownership.  Here are 4 Chrome extensions that you will want to include in your teaching repertoire.

Feedback Tools

5 Feedback Chrome Extensions For the Student-Centered Classroom

By Eric Guise | 10/25/2019

A list of our favorite Chrome Extensions that could be used to help make your classroom more student-centered.