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Classroom Q : Your Hybrid Learning Classroom Management Tool

By Eric Guise | 11/05/2020

If you are like us, you are or are getting ready to start hybrid, simultaneous learning in your classroom. ClassroomQ is an amazing tool to help you answer questions and run your hybrid classrooms.


Mote: The Solution to Providing Near-Instant Quality Feedback in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, & Classroom!

By Eric Guise | 11/03/2020

Welcome to mote: the first Chrome extension that lets you easily add voice comments and feedback to shared documents.


How to Split-screen on a Chromebook without Using an Extension

By Eric Guise | 11/03/2020

Too many extensions, apps, and tools can slow down your computer. During remote/hybrid learning our Chromebook devices are depleted of it’s resources when trying to video conference. This video shows a practical application of “split-screening” using a Chromebook shortcut. No extension needed!


Slidesmania: Free Google Slides & PPT Presentation Templates for Teachers

By Eric Guise | 11/03/2020

Time is always a limiting factor when teaching. This week’s GotTechED Tool of the Day is Slidesmania. Slidesmania provides you with professional templates that are fun and interactive. Did I mention that the templates are in PPT and Slides format. Even better, the templates are FREE!!!!


Creating a GIF from a YouTube Video

By Eric Guise | 11/03/2020

Do you want to create a GIF to show a simple process, Make a GIF to link to to video, or make a digital sticker? In this video, you will learn a hack that will allow you to create a GIF from a YouTube video in under a minute!

Checking for Understanding in a Remote Setting with

By Eric Guise | 11/03/2020 offers a digital way to see what all your students are working on, all at once, and in real time. No downloads, no subscriptions, just a live workspace for you and your students.


Turning Your Students into Podcast Creators with

By Eric Guise | 11/03/2020

Sodaphonic is a tool that allows you to record and save your voice or any other audio instantly. For more Tech Tool of the Day videos go to

Google Photos

How to Download & Export All Your Google Photos

By Eric Guise | 06/02/2020

In this video, Guise shows you how to download/export all of your photos kept on Google Photos!

Bitmoji Scene Choice Board Template

By Eric Guise | 05/13/2020

Bitmoji Scene Choice Board Template