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Curated Collections to Drive Student-Centered Learning

By Eric Guise | 11/18/2019 |
GotTechED Episode 46 Curation

In this episode of GotTechED the Podcast we discuss how curation fits into education, #edtech tools that are used in education, and types of projects that would benefit from the curation of resources.

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30 EdTech Resources for the New School Year

By Eric Guise | 09/09/2019 |

Nick and I have curated 30 of our favorite resources to jump start the new school year. We’ve each selected our favorite teacher blogs, Edtech Tools, and educational podcasts.

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15 Presentation Project Ideas and the EdTech Tools that Support Them

By Eric Guise | 08/13/2019 |
Episode 39 Student Presentations

We discuss the benefits of student presentations, EdTech tools that enhance presentations, & student presentation project ideas.

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