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Bitmoji Scene Choice Board Template

By Eric Guise | 05/13/2020

Bitmoji Scene Choice Board Template

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GotTechED Freeby Template Ideas

Free Animated GIF Newspaper Template

By Eric Guise | 04/19/2020

Build your own GIF Harry Potter Newspaper with this Google Slides Template!

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Free Digital Lesson Plan

Free Digital Lesson Plan Template

By Eric Guise | 01/27/2020

Save time with this digital lesson plan template (Google Slides).

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Freebie: Choose Your Own Adventure Template

By Eric Guise | 12/06/2019

With this Choose Your Own Adventure template, you can use Google Slides to create a highly personalized formative assessment experience for your students.

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Freebie 3x5 Index Card Template

Freebie: Customizable and Printable 3×5 Index Card Template

By Eric Guise | 11/29/2019

Are your students getting ready to give a presentation in your class?  Help them prepare by giving them this customizable and printable 3×5 index card template.

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GotTechED Freebie Template Ideas

Freebie: Digital Review Game Template

By Eric Guise | 11/27/2019

Have you ever wondered how people make the fancy jeopardy games in PowerPoint? The answer is by creating tedious amounts of slides with a crazy amount of links. Get yout FREE Digital Review Game Template here!

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