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Microsoft Teams vs Google Classroom: You Decide

By Eric Guise | 02/25/2019 |
GotTechED Epi 27 Microsoft vs Google

In this episode, we compare Microsoft Teams vs. Google Classroom, share some edtech mash-ups: different ways that apps, extensions, and websites can be combined in interesting ways for your classroom, and we put Nick on the GotTechED HotSeat.

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Google Docs Best Practices

By Eric Guise | 06/07/2018 |
GotTechED Epi 8 Google Docs

In this episode, Guise and Nick talk about their favorite uses of Google Docs, trends in education that might surprise you, and all thing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).  Finally, Guise and Nick argue within the tech-tool category of “Photo Annotation and Presentation” in their Tech Battle Royale!

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Using Google Sites to Create Digital Escape Room

By Eric Guise | 03/26/2018 |
GotTechED Epi 3 Google Sites

In today’s episode, Nick and Guise discuss the best ways to achieve maximum creativity and productivity. Learn about fantastic applications of Google Sites that engage students with mixed media integration.

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