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3 Extensions That Will Take Your Google Meet to the Next Level

Google Meet

Is your school promoting Google Meet as a remote learning tool during the COVID-19 pandemic break? Are there some features that you wish Google Meet had to meet your Remote Learning needs? As a Tech coach, I get asked the following questions:

  1. Is there a way that I can see my whole entire class?

  2. Is there a way for my students to participate and ask questions without using the chat?

  3. Is there a way to see my students when I am presenting my screen but on a different tab than Google Meet?

The answers to these questions when using just Google Meet is NO! With the help of three Google extensions, the answers are YES, YES, and YES! I would encourage you to watch this short YouTube video on the three extensions that will take Google Meet to the next level. Here are the direct links to those three Chrome extensions:

Dualless Extension
Nod for Google Meet
Google Meet Grid

Thanks to Jake Miller for introducing me to Nod for Google Meet and Jeff Losch for introducing me to Google Meet Grid!

About the author, Eric

Eric Guise is a media specialist and technology coach with more than a decade of experience as a teacher.

Eric was named the 2016 Biology Teacher of Year by the New Jersey Biology Teachers Association and is currently pursuing an EdD in Leadership in Digital Transformation in Educational Technology.

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