Effective, Yet Simple Methods of Introducing Real-Life Problems into Your Classroom

By Eric Guise | 01/28/2019 | 0 Comments
GotTechED Epi 25 Real-Life Problems

Guise and Nick welcome Karen Lucci and David Sherwin to talk about effective methods for implementing real-life problems (Student-Centered Learning) into the classroom.

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Is a Genius Hour a Genius Idea

By Eric Guise | 01/15/2019 | 0 Comments
GotTechED Epi 24 Genius Hour

In this episode, we reflect on the #njecc2019 conference.  We talk about Genius Hour and how teachers can implement a Genius Hour into their curriculum.

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Flipped Classroom, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Edtech Reform

By Eric Guise | 12/03/2018 | 0 Comments
GotTechED Epi 21 Flipped Classroom

Guise and Nick interview Kyle Niemis, co-creator of ClassroomQ, an exciting new way to manage students questions during class.

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