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Essential #EdTech for Your Outdoor Classroom

By Eric Guise | 10/21/2019 |
Essential EdTech for Your Outdoor Classroom

In this episode of GotTechED the Podcast, we discuss the Outdoor Classroom including #edtech and lesson ideas that will enhance your lessons!

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TargetED Learning: A Standards-Based Grading Tool that All Teachers Must Have

By Eric Guise | 08/27/2019 |

In this episode of GotTechED the Podcast we discuss What is TargetED Learning?, Choice-Boards, and EdTech Tools to support Research, Formative Assessment, and Summative Assessments

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8 Classroom Projects With Music Technology

By Eric Guise | 07/28/2019 |

In this episode, we discuss 10 Benefits of Integrating Music into the classroom, several music-based Projects, & provide a sneak-peak into WURRLYedu.

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