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3 Chrome Extensions for Providing Quick/Personalized Feedback to your Students

3 Chrome extensions for providing quick personalized feedback

In this post, I will recommend 3 Google Extensions or Add-ons that are amazing for providing students with feedback in a timely manner.  I will also share examples of when teachers have used each one of these tools.

Talk and Comment

Talk and Comment is one of my favorite Google Extensions for providing students with feedback.   You can make voice notes and comments on any site at a push of a button! All you have to do is be on your Chrome browser, press the microphone icon, and start talking.  When you are done recording you hit the stop recording button and wait for a URL link to pop up. Simply copy and paste the URL into the Google Doc, Facebook status, Gmail, or “enter your place of pasting here!”

***Educational Context***

I use Talk and Comment with formative assessments.  At the end of the class, I would ask my students to write a reflection in Google Docs on a topic or process that we covered in class.  The students would turn in the assignment and I would use Talk and Comment to provide personalized feedback. Eliminating the need to write comments on the paper by using voice comments through Talk and Comment allowed me to provide personalized feedback while saving time!

talk and comment


Kaizena is the Big Brother to Talk and Comment.  Kaizena gives you all the functionality of Talk and Comment and more. Kaizena is now a Google Doc Add-on that allows you to provide feedback on a document without leaving the Google Doc Platform.  Highlight and speak instead of typing. Stop repeating yourself with their Lessons feature, which allows you to attach saved feedback to highlights inside a Google Doc!!!

***Educational Context***

Are you grading a lab report, personal reflection, or research paper?  Are you sick and tired of telling every student that their thesis statement needs refining, their hypothesis must have both manipulative and responding variables, or their work cited needs to be formatted with hanging indentations?  Customize and save your feedback to a comment bank that will allow you to highlight text and add voice comments to a Google Doc.



Ok, so you don’t like the idea of using voice comments but you like the idea of highlighting text and leaving feedback through canned comments.  Lets review another Google Extension. CheckMark is another one of my go-to extensions that makes the process of providing feedback on student work in Google Docs and Slides faster and more efficient.  Simply install the extension and open a Google Doc or Slide. Provide feedback to your students by highlighting a portion of the text and clicking on a canned comment from the comment menu that pops up.  You can also customize your own comments to fit the needs of the assignment!

***Educational Context***

I like using CheckMark to provide quick feedback on a writing assignment, but I love using CheckMark to provide quick feedback on a slides presentation during class.  Picture yourself as a history teacher studying famous explorers or an art teacher studying famous Renaissance painters. Make a Slides presentation with each of your student’s names assigned to a slide.  Share out the presentation and allow students to edit their assigned slide. As students work on their explorer or artist, the teacher can provide suggestions or guidance (in real time) to their students using CheckMark!



About the author, Eric

Eric Guise is a media specialist and technology coach with more than a decade of experience as a teacher.

Eric was named the 2016 Biology Teacher of Year by the New Jersey Biology Teachers Association and is currently pursuing an EdD in Leadership in Digital Transformation in Educational Technology.

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