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State Testing and Battling Senioritis

By Eric Guise | 06/12/2018 |
GotTechED Epi 9 State Testing

Guise and Nick talk about state testing and then share clever ideas to prevent senioritis from taking over your classroom. Finally, Guise and Nick argue within the tech-tool category of “Tech Coach Favorites” in their Tech Battle Royale!

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Competency-Based Grading and the Technology Integration Matrix

By Eric Guise | 05/22/2018 |
GotTechED Epi 7 Competency-Based Grading

Guise and Nick talk about competency-based grading and standards-based grading.  They talk about the Technology Integration Matrix as a possible replacement for the SAMR Model. After a teacher’s inquiry, they explore the differences between standards-based grading and competency-based learning.  Finally, Guise and Nick argue within the category of “Extensions” in their seventh Tech Battle Royale!

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Roshni Desai

Blended Learning Roundtable with Roshni Desai

By Eric Guise | 10/19/2020

In this episode, GotTechED sits down with Roshni Desai, a blended learning expert, to talk about how blended learning fits in w/ remote and hybrid learning.

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Episode 69

EdTech Solutions and Hybrid Learning Updates

By Eric Guise | 10/05/2020

In this episode, we’ll provide an update on our remote and hybrid learning experiences as the 2020 school year gets under way. Following that we’ll dive into our mail bag as we read and answer some of the best questions we’ve received over the recent months.

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Episode 68 Professional Development

Creating Effective Virtual PD for Teachers

By Eric Guise | 09/20/2020

Welcome back to GotTechED the podcast this is episode 68 called “Creating Effective Virtual PD for Teachers”. In this episode, we’ll share some of the things we’ve learned over the past several months when it comes to creating and sharing PD for teachers in our new virtual world. Stay tuned to hear some of our top tips and our favorite new edtech that is worth sharing! This is one episode you don’t want to miss. Check it out.

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Hybrid Learning Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Hybrid Learning Challenges and How to Overcome Them

By Eric Guise | 09/07/2020

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the challenges of hybrid learning and teaching that we are experiencing during our first week back to school.

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Clever Ways to Engage Students Using Meet or Zoom During Remote or Hybrid Learning

By Eric Guise | 08/24/2020

In this episode, we investigate Clever Ways to Engage Students Using Meet or Zoom During Remote or Hybrid Learning.

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Episode 65

(16) #EdTech Tools for the New School Year (Remote or in Person)

By Eric Guise | 08/10/2020

In this is episode 65 called “16 #EdTech Tools for the New School Year,” we discuss edtech tools will fit in your classroom in any situation!

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Anthony Tyrkala

Mindset Mondays with Anthony Tyrkala

By Eric Guise | 07/27/2020

In this episode we’ll be talking with Mr. Anthony Tyrkala about the power of a positive mindset and the role of edtech in supporting it.

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Episode 63 Student Chrome Extensions

(18) Chrome Extensions that Teachers Should Recommend to Their Students

By Eric Guise | 07/13/2020

In this episode, Guise and Nick talk about 18 Chrome Extensions to Increase Student Engagement and Creativity

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Episode 62 Chrome Extensions

19 Chrome Extensions for Teachers

By Eric Guise | 06/29/2020

GotTechED the PodcastEpisode #62 Chrome Extensions for TeachersIf you are a new listener to GotTechED the Podcast, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our Contact Page and let us know how we can help you today!Welcome back GotTechED the Podcast this is episode 62 called 19 Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers. In this episode…

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