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Mindset Mondays with Anthony Tyrkala

By Eric Guise | 07/27/2020 |
Anthony Tyrkala

In this episode we’ll be talking with Mr. Anthony Tyrkala about the power of a positive mindset and the role of edtech in supporting it.

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A Reflective Episode on Current Events

By Eric Guise | 06/15/2020 |
Episode X

Welcome back to GotTechED the Podcast.  We’re going to take a break from our regular podcast schedule to address the issues regarding race and police violence in the United States. Over the last couple weeks Guise and I have taken a pause from creating content to do some reflecting on recent events.  We are sickened…

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Green-Screening with Jennifer Leban

By Eric Guise | 04/06/2020 |
Episode 57

GotTechED the Podcast Episode 57 Title: Greenscreening with Jen Leban Segment 1: Intro to EduMentor Segment EduMentor Intro:  We’d like to welcome everyone to this EduMentor episode of GotTeched the podcast. Each edumentor episode will feature an expert educator guest who can mentor us and our listeners. The featured EduMentor is an expert in their field who…

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GotTechED Epi 2 Managing the 1:1 Classroom

Managing the 1:1 Classroom

By Eric Guise | 03/12/2018

Guise and Nick talk about classroom management with edtech tools in the 1:1 classroom.

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GotTechED Epi 1 Flipped Classroom

Starting From The Beginning

By Eric Guise | 03/03/2018

In this episode, Guise and Nick talk about ways to build a flipped classroom with various screencasting and video editing tools.

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