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5 FREE Audio-Recording Edtech Tools for Podcasting

By Eric Guise | 02/11/2022 |
Audio-Recording Edtech Tools

This blog post introduces 5 edtech tools that you can use in the classroom that will allow you to get an audio file for podcasting.

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5 Edtech Tools for the Blended Learning Classroom

By Eric Guise | 01/19/2022 |
5 edtech tools For the blended learning classroom

In this blog post, Guise identifies 5 awesome edtech tools and websites that will help engage your students in your Blended Learning classroom!

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Why I Mote… 5 Templates and a Resource for your ReMOTE Classroom!

By Eric Guise | 01/14/2022 |

This blog posts provides you with 4 templates and a resource when using the Google Chrome Extension Mote.

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