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5 Online Photo-Editing Tools to Enhance Teaching Practices

By Eric Guise | 04/25/2019 |
5 online photo-editing tools to enhance teacher practices

We discuss 5 amazing online photo-editing tools that will be useful in your everyday teaching practice, save you time, and allow you to be creative.

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3 Chrome Extensions for Providing Quick/Personalized Feedback to your Students

By Eric Guise | 04/18/2019 |
3 Chrome extensions for providing quick personalized feedback

In this post, I will go over 3 Google Extensions or Add-ons that are amazing for providing students with feedback in a timely manner. 

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5 Time-Saving Chrome Extensions that ALL Teachers Should Have

By Eric Guise | 04/01/2019 |
5 time-saving chrome extensions that all teachers should have

Time is the limiting reagent in a teacher’s day.  Teachers need more time! Time to grade, lesson plan, and make copies.  The following Google Extensions will help teachers organize their projects, passwords, and resources in order to free up some time out of your daily schedule! OneTab  One Tab is my absolute favorite extension of…

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