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Introducing WurrlyEDU – Music Education Pop-Culture Inspiration

By Eric Guise | 07/28/2019 |
WURRLYedu Blog

WURRLYedu is a music education platform that offers culturally relevant content and interactive digital tools to make music education fun, effective and affordable.  

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Heil PR40 XLR Microphone Review 4 of 4

By Eric Guise | 03/25/2019 |
Heil PR40 XLR 4 of 4

This is a review of the Heil PR40 Microphone. This review is based off of 5 stars focusing on cost, functionality, transfer, & audio quality.

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Audio-Technica AT2005 USB/XLR Microphone Review 3 of 4

By Eric Guise | 03/13/2019 |
Audio-Technica AT2005 USB XLR Microphone 3 of 4

This review series includes the Yeti USB Microphone, Snowball USB Microphone, Audio Technica AT2005 USB/XLR Microphone, and Heil PR40 Microphone.

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