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Quarter 1 Grading Tips, Pop Culture Lessons, and Being Thankful!

GotTechED Epi 20 Grading Tips

In this episode, Guise and Nick share the most effective edtech for faster grading.  After a teacher inquiry, they discuss some ways that pop culture can be used to enhance learning. In the spirit of the holidays, they also share some of the things they’re most thankful about in education today.  Finally, Guise and Nick argue over their favorite newly discovered tech.

Professional Learning Community’s (PLC’s) vs. Professional Learning Networks (PLN’s), & Teacher Conventions vs. Edcamps

GotTechED Epi 19 PLCs vs. PLNs

In this episode, Guise and Nick compare Professional Learning Communities to Professional Learning Networks.  Next, they discuss some of the differences between traditional teacher conventions and edcamps. Nick shares some surprising educational statistics while Guise gives his opinions on each one.  Finally, Guise and Nick argue over their favorite Chrome Extensions.

Student-Centered Learning: Methods of Best Practice

GotTechED Epi 14 Student-Centered Learning

Guise and Nick discuss student-centered strategies that every teacher should know.  After a teachers inquiry, they explain the difference between gamification and game-based learning. They also take a look at social media and some creative ways that it can be used in the classroom.  Finally, Guise and Nick argue over the best time-saving Chrome Extensions.