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Introducing WurrlyEDU – Music Education Pop-Culture Inspiration

WURRLYedu Blog

GotTechED was on a mission at ISTE2019.  Our mission was to find EdTech platforms that help meet the needs of our listeners.  We constantly get asked to find EdTech that allows the teachers and students to be creative in and out of the classroom.  WURRLYedu is a music-based EdTech tool that builds student confidence while promoting creativity and the development of professional skills that can be used throughout life.  GotTechEd had the pleasure of sitting down WURRLYedu in order to gain perspective of the full potential of the EdTech tool. 

***Make sure you check out GotTechED’s BONUS interview with WURRLYedu at the end of this blog post!***

WURRLYedu is a music education platform that offers culturally relevant content and interactive digital tools to make music education fun, effective and affordable.  

For teachers, WURRLYedu offers a web portal with a personalized curriculum builder that is supported by thousands of lesson plans, an extensive music catalog, and a library of video tips from Grammy Award-Winning Artists. Our Teacher Content Platform includes the most extensive catalog in K-12, including thousands of songs from pop to classical. 

Through the WURRLYedu platform, teachers have complete classroom control over the orchestration of assignments, lessons, grading, feedback, and even the modification and delivery of creative assets—such as the ability to change the speed and key of a song to suit student needs. Teachers can identify the appropriate instructional material by skill level, genre or keyword. Teachers can also include WURRLY-exclusive video tips from Grammy award-winning artists to inspire their students.

For students, WURRLYedu is a mobile and web platform that offers creation tools, including access to thousands of popular songs, customization tools and a portable recording studio with one-touch audio and video filters. Class feeds and collaboration tools are also included so that students have all the resources necessary to discover, practice, and record music both inside and outside the classroom.

WURRLYedu also offers fun and interactive music theory and ear training games with automated feedback make it easy to learn musical notation, scales and oral skills.

In the past year, the platform has created thousands of music lesson plans from General Music, to Modern Band, Jazz, Special Education, Therapeutic Music Activities, and Choir. 

This Fall, WURRLYedu is introducing a student web portal. Equitable access to a high-quality music program is essential to a well-rounded educational experience. Students using WURRLYedu will enjoy the same robust features, already available on iOS and Android, on browser-based devices including Chromebooks.

WURRLYedu’s innovative approach increases student engagement, improves the development of both musical, social and emotional skills, while also providing teachers and administrations a clear view of the curriculum’s effectiveness. The platform also solves for many of the barriers in music education including lack of resources, class time, accessibility, and a relevant curriculum.

Partners using WURRLYedu include the Public School District of Philadelphia, the California Department of Education, the Boy and Girls Clubs, Exceptional Children’s Foundation, and the LAUSD Partnership Schools. WURRLYedu is a member of SETDA’s Emerging Private Sector Partners Program.

WURRLYedu has won multiple awards including Tech & Learning’s Best of Show at ISTE 2019, 

MediaPost APPY Award 2019 in the Education Category, and was a Webby Award nominees in the category of Mobile Sites & Apps for Music.



About the author, Eric

Eric Guise is a media specialist and technology coach with more than a decade of experience as a teacher.

Eric was named the 2016 Biology Teacher of Year by the New Jersey Biology Teachers Association and is currently pursuing an EdD in Leadership in Digital Transformation in Educational Technology.

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